Are you relocating to the Netherlands? As a rental agency in Amsterdam specialized in finding housing for expats, we are happy to help you find your home away from home in Amsterdam. Van Huis Uit Makelaars has worked with dozens of companies over the years in helping them find a new home for their new employees and their families. Whether you’re looking for a furnished or unfurnished house or have any other preferences, we are here to help you find a suitable home for every family.
Not only do we find the perfect home for you, but we will also help you during negotiations, so you can move into your new home in Amsterdam quickly. Come and enjoy our amazing capital city and all it has to offer. Welcome to Amsterdam.

Explore your options with us as your rental agency

During the interview we make an inventory of all your needs and preferences. We need to know if you are looking for a house that is pet or child friendly, what type of neighbourhood you are looking for and if you need to be located closely to (international) schools. After this, we select a few areas of Amsterdam that suit your needs best. Preferably, we take a stroll through the area together, so you get a real sense of the neighbourhood.

As an expat rental agency, we have a wide network of landlords, relocators and other real estate agencies. This makes us able to give you multiple options in a short amount of time.


We organise a smooth check-in to your new home

The real estate brokers from Van Huis Uit Makelaars will negotiate on your behalf, making sure the lease agreement is up to the newest Dutch laws and regulations. We make sure all the agreements are met before and during the check-in into your new home.
Also after moving in, you can always reach out to Van Huis Uit Makelaars if you experience any issues. We are always here to help you out.

We are here for the full ride, from beginning to end

While you spend your worthy time focussing on your new job, learning the Dutch language and finding your way in a new city, we at Van Huis Uit Makelaars will make sure to organize everything surrounding your new home. The only effort you need to make, is signing a new lease agreement and moving your boxes.

In case you have any issues with your check-in or the maintenance on the house, we are happy to be your main point of contact and help you with any situation you might have. Also when eventually moving out of the house when you leave Amsterdam, we will make sure the check-out goes according to your expectations.